What is Advertising? B.Com 6th sem. Notes


What is Advertising? B.Com 6th sem. Notes

Today we will learn about Advertising, features of advertising, roles of advertising and importance of advertising

                                                                                                                     Lesson 1

 1.  What is Advertising ?

“Advertising is any paid form of non – personal presentation and promotion of ideas , goods or services by                         an identified  sponsor.”

–     American Marketing Association

2.  Features of Advertising

– Mass communicated media

– Impersonality

– Controlled

–  Identified sponsor

–  Ideas, goods and services

–  Persuasion

3.  Role of Advertising

                a. Marketing Role

helps in building and sustenance of the brand

facilitates segmentation , targeting, positioning of the offerings of the marketers

helps in generation of revenues & profits

b. Communication Role

It is the form of mass communication

It informs and also create an image that goes beyond the straight forward facts .

 c. Economic Role

Create demand by making people aware of new products and new uses of existing products

   d. Societal Role

It helps the buyers  by informing them about the new products , which may be improvement over the                                 existing their products,  thereby improving their standard of living.

4. What do you mean by Publicity ?

When third party communicates about an organizations product, the result is publicity for the said product.

5. Difference b/w advertising and publicity. 

SourceMessage originates form the advertiser/ sponsororiginates form the media
SponsorIdentity of the sponsor is clearly knownIdentity of the sponsor is not clearly known
ControlSponsor has entire control over the contents and timing of the messagemedia has control over the contents and timing
Nature of messagepersuasive messageinformative message

6. Importance of Advertising

  * To Busines :

Introduction to new products

Meet Competition

Supplements salesmanship

Build goodwill

Economies of scale

Steady demand

* For Consumer : 

Educates Consumer

Facilitates purchasing

Wide variety

Reduced price

    * Middlemen :

Low cost of Business Doing

Quick turnover

moe of communication

 * Society :

Encourage art and creativity

Stimulate research and development

incentive to progress

creates social awareness

sustain media


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