BTS Photo Edit – How to edit BTS photo using Canva?

BTS Photo Edit – How to edit BTS photo using Canva ?

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Let’s learn how to edit BTS photos with 


                                                                                               Apps I Used – (free)


Without wasting time let’s move on to the steps that you must follow while Editing BTS photo :

  1. Open your computer device like laptop, palmtop, desktop computer, smartphone etc.
  2. Download your bias picture or OT7. <3
  3. Open app
  4. A window screen appears where you can view various compositions such as templates, text, backgrounds, etc.
  5. Click on Templates and choose the one that best suits your post.
  6. Upload the BTS image you downloaded.
  7. Adjust image (by cropping, flipping, rotating, brightness etc.)
  8. Click on the text and choose your favorite fonts, start typing (for example I Purple U OT7, BTS FANDOM etc.)
  9. Finalize the image and
  10. Download in JPG format
  11. Start sharing. <3
BTS PHOTO EDIT - How to edit photos with the help of Canva?
                                                                                                                 BTS EDITS

Hope you liked my today’s post. That’s all for today, see you in the next post with more work information.

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