What do you mean by Advertising Objectives ? B.Com 6th Sem. Notes

  Advertising Objectives –  What do you mean by Advertising Objectives ?

Advertising  Objectives could be considered as  strategic decisions they serve as the base for much of strategy and  tactics, as well as basis for measuring the effectiveness of advertising .

 An important reason for setting Advertising Objectives is that they provide benchmark against which the success or failure of the promotional program is measured.

Main consideration in setting of advertising objectives

WHATWhat role is the total marketing effort is advertising expected to fulfil ?
WHYWhy it is believed that advertising can achieve believed its role – what assumption are necessary ?
WHO Who should be involved  in setting advertising objectives , who should be responsible for coordinating, implementing and Subsequent evaluation ? who are the audience ?
HOW How are the advertising objectives are put into practice – what are the precise  sub objectives and how they are intended to be attained and subsequently evaluated for the level of achievement ?
WHENWhen is the implementation for various parts of the program be achieved ? When can be response be expected to each stage of implementation.

Functions and Nature of Advertising Objectives :

Some of the important Objectives of setting advertising are

  • Provides direction to advertising decisions by Serving as criteria
  • Provides bases for evaluation of results
  • Guides decision makers to seek understanding of the working
  • Enhance Communication within the Organization

What are the Types of Advertising Objectives Advertising Objectives

There are two types of advertising objectives :

  1. Communication Objectives
  •  Creates awareness
  • Develop comprehension
  • Create conviction
  • Create Desire
  • Secure Action

     2.  Marketing Objectives

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Marketing share
  • Build Goodwill
  • Introduce new product
  • Entre new market

   DAGMAR Approach

            * DAGMAR ( Defining Advertising Goals for measured Advertising results )

            * The major thesis of DAGMAR model is that communication objectives are the logical basis for setting                               advertising goals and objectives against which the results should be measured.

* Colley’s Rationale for communication objectives was : ” Advertising’s job is purely and simply to                                             communicate to defined audience information and frame of mind that stimulates action. Advertising                                 succeeds or fail depending on how well it communicates the desired information and attitudes to the right                     people at the right time  and at the right cost ”

Colley propose that communication objectives be based on hierarchical model through which the brand or objects must climb to gain acceptance. The hierarchy of effects model consist of four stages :

Awareness ⇒ Comprehension ⇒ Conviction ⇒ Action

           * Another important contribution what of DAGMAR was to clarify what constitutes good objectives.                                   According  to Colley the objectives should have the following feature :

  1.  Stated In terms of concrete and measurable Communication task
  2.  Specify target audience
  3. Indicate benchmark or starting point and the degree of change sought.
  4. Specify time period for accomplishing the objectives .


Today we have learnt about Advertising Objectives, Functions of advertising objectives, Types of advertising objectives and  DAGMAR. I hope you all enjoy reading this page . If you have any doubt in this post just comment I will help to clear your doubts.

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